Heart of the Matter
"Not everything that counts can be measured. Not everything that can be measured counts." - Einstein

"We're not enemies, we just disagree" - The Strokes

Kaye, 25, Tragic Winchesters SPN fan since the pilot, multifandom girl but this is my new personal SPN tumblr. Yes, I am also head organizer of SPN Silent Majority.
If you have a problem with that, that's your choice.
The internet is a big place, block/unfollow however
you want. Just don't try arguing with me about
expressing an opinion or helping others express
theirs in a respectful manner.
I like living a wankfree life.

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Everytime Dean prays, it’s because of Sam.


“I believe in you, Dean. So please, please believe in me  too.”

They will always choose each other.


I see light at the end of this tunnel.  And I’m sorry you don’t.  I am.  But it’s there.  And if you come with me…I can take you to it.